My name is Kea! I own a creative arts business and love to run. I was a cross country runner in high school and college. Summer of my junior year in high school, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. My dream is to one day get a degree in art therapy and use my creative talents to help others!

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Kea Yamamoto

I am Mariah! I am a high school junior and used to be a mean girl. Since then, I have learned to see people for who they really are and build relationships with them. I have experienced some difficult times in my life, but finding connection with others has helped me through those hard times. My favorite sport is wresting for school and I enjoy working at my Aunt’s coffee shop! 

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Mariah paz

My name is Danny Rigsby. Ever since I was a little kid, I have played basketball and I currently play basketball in college. From the outside, I sometimes looked like I had it all together, but there have been plenty of times I felt lonely. Everyone at times is lonely. But you have to reach out to people you trust and they will give you support. Life is a marathon and you have to keep on running until the end.

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danny rigsby

My name is Vik! I am a gay and formerly incarcerated film-maker. I believe that connection is essential for grounding into our true, authentic selves. There was a time in the not so distant past that I almost lost my life to addiction. But today, my life is a blessing, as I am deeply connected with some of the most amazing people who inspire me and make! 

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viK chopra

We are Mac and Hailey Potts! We both grew up as musicians and music connected us. We ended up getting married and now we both do music full time. Mac is a blind recording artist and Hailey is a music teacher. We started a family with two kids (and one on the way), but we still love to connect with each other and others through music!

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Mac & Hailey PottS

Hey! I’m Mario and I am currently a communications major in my sophomore year of college. A creative is who I am and I love photography, filmmaking, and documenting people and stories. Losing one of my parents at a young age has deeply impacted my life, but I have learned the importance of seeking help and mentorship. The relationships with people I look up to have made me who I am today!

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Hello! I’m Izzy! I am a recent high school graduate and basketball player. A hard piece of my story has been losing my boyfriend to suicide during my senior year, but through that I have learned to connect with people supporting me. I have learned that it is okay to not be okay and it is okay to be vulnerable! 

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Izzy boring

Hey! I am Lindsey. I am a recovery addict and ex-convict. I have gone from a life of active addiction, a prison sense, ego and pride to a life of recovery, redemption, and a fulfilling career. I enjoy traveling throughout the states and sharing my experience, strength and hope to show individuals anything is possible if you reach out and connect with those around you. 

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Hey! My name is Ethan! I love to play music and sports. I’m currently pursuing a college degree in music. I have learned to not judge a book by its cover and to connect with people that are outside my normal friendship circles. Every single person matters and has a purpose!

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ethan wall




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